Stoner Dictionary | Killer

Killer: adjective 1. a term describing very potent high grade marijuana

Example: “Nick smoked me out with some killer weed.”

Depending on where you live the term killer when referring to weed can be a rather touchy subject. Most frequently when the subject of killer weed comes up it just means that you were smoking a rather higher potency brand of weed. When your boy calls you up and said he smoked some shit that made him think is dying you better go get some of that.

But there is another side that can be very undesirable. 

Some refer to killer weed as a mixture of dried parsley soaked with PCP and then added to a bowl of cannabis. When done as an unexpected party favor, few people enjoy this and the trickster is not praised afterwards. It’s kind of like the whole “spiking the punch” movement only with a bit more hallucinations. If you ever get the feeling someone is passing around a bong you might want to skip a hit, or take your chances and hope it’s some really great kush.

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