13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana

Stoner Dictionary | 13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana

13: noun 1. The numerical code for marijuana.

Origin: The Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang.

They broke into Woodstock and were security for the Rolling Stones at Altamont, their infamy is worldwide. The Hell’s Angels have been a part of the counter-culture since it began. A reputation of rugged individualism and gang devotion make the Hell’s Angels a true piece of Americana. Riding the open road on two wheeled demons, the Angels demonstrate recognition in no authority but their own. They ask no one for nothing, but if you cross them they may take everything. 13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana. 

The significance of the number thirteen is its’ representation of the letter “M.”

Pot smoking members of the Hell’s Angels wear a patch with the historically unlucky number on it to signify their alliance with the weed. Changing superstition is no easy task, as the number has now been adopted by the happy go lucky members of the marijuana masses.

13 – The Numerical Code For Marijuana!

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