Stoner Dictionary | Kief

Kief: noun 1. an accumulation of the highly concentrated trichomes found on marijuana buds

Example: “I sprinkled some kief on top of the bowl.”

The best kind of leftovers that you can imagine. The sugary THC crystals that comes off potent weed are called kief. It’s sometimes entangled with little orange hairs and can be found in the bottom of a sack of marijuana or the bottom of your grinder. If you can manage to collect a lot of it, it will give you a very intense high to last you a while. Kief is most often smoked when added on top of a bowl, or sprinkled on top of a joint like other concentrates.

Kief can be regularly found in a grinder after it has been used a few good times.

Good quality always has a much higher THC content then the marijuana bud itself. It is also available in larger quantities at medical marijuana dispensaries. It’s a nice surprise to realize you’ve got some kief that’s been collecting for a while, because when there’s some around, there’s stoning taking place. The most special powdery love that a stoner will ever know. If you know anyone with crystal love send them to us.

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