Stoner Dictionary | Trichomes

Trichomes: plural noun 1. the THC resin glands found on marijuana buds

Example: “There are so many trichomes on these buds that they look glittery.”

Like beautiful little diamonds winking and sparkling at you, the trichomes found on potent marijuana flowers can be so thick that they can be seen with the naked eye.

When looked under a magnifying glass, these sticky little crystals look gooey and almost life-like.

Tri’s are the richest source of THC and CBD, so the more you see, the higher you will be! Some strains do not have a thick coat of crystals on the outside of the buds but rather, a hidden mine of fun crystals on the inside. So next time you come across some nugs that look like little shiny disco balls, you better smoke ’em!

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