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Milk It: verb 1. filling the chamber of a smoking device with thick, milk-like marijuana smoke

Example: “I ripped a four foot bong and milked it til I couldn’t see through the glass.”

The one thing that every smoker hates to see is thick THC rich smoke go to waste and float into the air without anyone ever having the chance to inhale it. When you milk it you light your bottle bong in a way to let the paper smoke waste into the air but allow all of the THC smoke to stay and collect into the bottle. You can then tip the bottle and let the smoke roll into your mouth as you inhale.

This gives it the appearance of a liquid in the bottle like milk.

This method is often times done for new smokers who don’t quite know how to inhale smoke properly.It’s a nice gesture that guarantees that you’re not wasting your bud on a newbie.A good way to see someone milk it is to watch an avid smoker take a hit from a gravity bong. This is a perfect bottle bong to milk it with and most do. As a kid your mother always told you to drink your milk to get vitamin D, well now you’re an adult and you should milk it for that daily dose of THC. 

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