Shotgun – Stoner Dictionary

Shotgun: verb 1. the act of exhaling marijuana smoke into someone else’s mouth

Example: “Let me shotgun the smoke to you so it doesn’t hurt your throat.”

The shotgun gives smoking together a whole new meaning. It can be done with romantic or platonic intentions and involves one person taking a rip and then blowing it into someone else’s mouth, with or without contact. This is most commonly done for the more inexperienced smoker whose throat or lungs are still sensitive to the smoke. A different meaning is a sort of more complicated technique and isn’t the most popular way of smoking but can get you pretty stoned. In order to achieve the shotgun, you must take the lit end and carefully blow air through to the other end while the other person inhales from the normal smoking end and receives additional smoke.

The outcome if done correctly will result in the receiver getting really high really fast.

Usually because there is so much extra smoke being inhaled an unprepared person might cough, choking on the heavy hit. This version of the shotgun however, can be a potentially dangerous practice being that it can result in one person burning their mouth off. The prior version is much more fun, anyway. So make sure to exercise caution when playing with the shotgun, it’s really fun when done right and an awesome way to smoke.

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