Stoner Dictionary | Pistils

Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary

 Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.”

One lovely sign that you’ve got yourself a female plant are its delicate pistils. Female marijuana plants will display a centrally located swollen base which are its ovaries and a white or colored pistil will be stemming from it.

These pistils usually have little hairs covering them and can become pretty long.

Along the end of the pistil are its pollen receptors used to pollinate the ovaries and produce seeds. Pistils are a part of the female plant’s reproductive system and will show up a little before the flowering stage begins. If pistils are spotted, be aware that the plant may be hermaphrodite. This means that little sacs that contain pollen can also be found on the same plant. Either way though, pistils are a great sign and have all the potential to grow the prettiest buds for your garden.


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