Stoner Dictionary | Sativa

Sativa: noun 1. a type of marijuana plant that provides an uplifting head high

Example: “I only smoke sativa in the day time and indica at night.”


There are two main types of marijuana plants: indica and sativa. When smoked, they produce two different feelings and whichever you prefer is solely up to individual taste and ailments. Tiva’ will give you a much more upbeat and energetic high, very euphoric and cerebral.

Many people consider sativa to be the perfect class of strain to smoke during the daytime because of the energy boost that sativa plants produce. This is part of what makes them widely loved and used today.

In appearance, plants can be spotted by their very long leaves and buds. This can make them harder to grow indoors versus indica plants which are smaller. This strains strong energy advantage is enough to keep you wired all night and many counts of marijuana hallucinations have been due to the smoking of high potency. Cannabis can also be known for its calming, relaxing side. These strains are always nice to get your hands on, just make sure that when you burn some sativa, you don’t mind bouncing off your walls for a while.

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