Salad Bowl

Stoner Dictionary | Salad Bowl

Salad Bowl: noun 1. a mixture of several different marijuana strains in one bowl or joint

Example: “There’s four different strains in this salad bowl.”

Being healthy and eating salads certainly had its advantages on your body, similarly smoking a salad bowl has great advantages on your high level. A salad bowl is known as a very potent mixture of many different strains that you put into your bong, joint, or pipe and have the time of your life smoking it. This term can also be used when just filling your bowl past the rim of the bowl itself, giving it the look of a leafy green salad. This type of salad is best when sharing a bong between four or more people, the more the merrier.

The best salad bowl would be one filled with multiple strains and reaching past the rim of your bowl.

This is a certified way to get pretty stoned, and when colliding multiple strains of M.J. together it’s sure to be interesting. Come on, you have to treat yourself sometime.

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