Stoner Dictionary | Snapper

Snapper: noun 1. an individual bowl of marijuana meant to be smoked by one person, then often re-packed and passed

Example: “No dude, that bowl is all you, I packed you a snapper.”

There are many different customs practiced in the stoner community. In larger smoking circles, usually a party bowl is packed, or a large bowl of marijuana that is shared and passed around. To be courteous, most stoners will automatically assume that the bowl they are handed is a party bowl and will take a modest sized rip then pass it along to the next toker. However, sometimes in the presence of a very gracious host, you might be surprised by receiving a snapper. That is, a tasty fulfilling bowl that is just for you and not meant to be shared or passed. Snappers can range in size. Some are small and can be burned in about two or three seconds. Others are larger and must be smoked in multiple hits depending on the amount of smoke one can inhale per rip. According to stoner folklore, the snapper is the standard method of group smoking and the party bowl is a predominantly Californian tradition. Regardless of how much merit there is to this story, Californian or not, snappers are a common term in the stoner lexicon. Snappers can either be packed by a generous stoner with a large sack to share or personal bowls are packed by the individual stoners from his or her personal stash.

Because lovely lady Mary Jane is about compassion and sharing, usually the latter is uncommon but the stoner culture is diverse and unique so anything is possible.

To execute proper budiquette, or stoner etiquette, never assume that the bowl you are smoking is a snapper. Though it just might be, what if it is not? Your friend passes you the bong, giving you the honor of smoking greens. You blaze it up and burn the whole bowl pulling the ash through into the bong water. Much to your chagrin, that was the last bowl, meant to be shared with the group. Not a good look. Generally, snapper bowls will be aforementioned or recognized at some point, unless of course, you are smoking by yourself. Then I suppose every bowl is a snapper. Regardless, with all the many things to remember about marijuana courtesy, the snapper is one that must not be forgotten. If you have an abundance of herb, or even just some extra to spare for your smoking circle, pay it forward and pack some snappers. Aside from getting you extremely lifted, it is more so about the gesture that is offered when giving someone a snapper. Party bowls are also awesome, but standard, so mix things up sometimes and offer a round of snappers. Chances are, you will at some point in your stoner career be in a situation where you will be the one on the receiving end of this kind of ritual. When in doubt, pack it, snap it, pass it and repeat. 

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