Mole Bowl

Stoner Dictionary | Mole Bowl

Mole Bowl: noun 1. a bowl of marijuana with loose tobacco sprinkled on top

Example: “Noah is fiending for a mole bowl.”

I’m sure you have heard of a spliff and have most likely smoked one as well, but whatchu know ’bout mole bowls? Also known as smoking moles or in Canada as “poppers,” mole bowls are not for the novice smoker. Just like spliffs, mole bowls are extremely popular in Europe and are actually more commonly smoked than pure marijuana bowls. Technically, the pipes and bongs you purchase at your neighborhood head shop are for “tobacco use only,” but have you ever actually followed these directions? I’m gonna go ahead and say not bloody likely. Smoking a pure bowl of tobacco, especially out of a bong, is liable to send you straight to the floor. Especially for those who are not used to the intense head buzzing effects of nicotine, smoking pure tobacco from a bong or pipe can cause nausea, fainting, dizziness, and in extreme cases, vomiting. However, for you balls to the walls individuals, a mole bowl might just be right up your alley. Mole bowls can either be a fat bowl of marijuana with tobacco sprinkled on top, can be ground and mixed together, or can be packed in multiple layers. If you want to smoke a mole bowl but nobody else in the circle does, you can also light your bowl with a lit cigarette which will provide a similar, slightly mellower effect to a mole bowl.

A spliff to a mole bowl is like a joint to a bong rip. Even pure bong rips are usually reserved for the seasoned smoker. The capillaries in your lungs are absorbing a larger amount of smoke per dose versus a joint, therefore absorbing a larger amount of THC per intake.

With a spliff, the uplifting head buzz of tobacco combined with the euphoric effects of Miss Mary Jane is perfect for a night out on the town, especially for cigarette smokers.

Spliffs, however, burn slower and each hit is ingested in smaller increments providing your brain with an appropriate dosage of both marijuana and nicotine. Like a bong rip, a mole bowl burns a greater amount of combustible material in one dose. The large amount of smoke enters your lungs and is absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes, sending your dome straight to outer space. As tobacco is usually harsher on the lungs and throat, coughing will most likely ensue. When you cough, the capillaries in your lungs expand and absorb twice the amount of psychoactive chemicals than normal, hence the term “you can’t get off ’til you cough.” If you can handle it, the effects of a mole bowl can be intergalactic. An extreme head high and sometimes even hallucinations can occur from mole bowls. Some have experienced an extremely energetic high while others retreat to mole land for a little while until the head buzz wears off. Whatever your vice is, if you are looking for an extra kick to your bong tokes, spark up a mole bowl and set phasers to stun.

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