Little John

Stoner Dictionary | Little John 

Little John: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that uses two rolling papers instead of one

Example: “I used my last two Zig Zags to roll this Little John.”

Rolling joints is something personal to the smoker and an action that you always want to get correctly for your preferred smoking experience. The Little John is a two paper joint, putting two rolling papers together for your joint. Some people love this method, and some people hate it. One team argues that it makes the Mary Jane burn much faster and the taste of two papers is just too disgusting to bear.

They claim that the smoke from a Little John is extra harsh

and it’s something that should only be done if you messed up rolling the first one (rip it or tear it). On the other end of the spectrum, another team choose to roll joints in this manner every time because they feel their joint burns more slowly and evenly, they also cherry in just the perfect way. Some also enjoy the added sturdiness that the Little John has. If you’ve never tried one, it’s worth the try and you can find out for yourself what team you think you should be playing for.

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