Rasta Weed

Stoner Dictionary | Rasta Weed

Rasta Weed: noun 1. a mixture of herbs containing no cannabis meant to simulate the effects of marijuana

Example: “I can only smoke rasta weed because my work drug tests once a month.”

Perhaps one of the most interesting topics to debate among marijuana smokers, rasta weed is a mixture of herbs said to give similar effects and feelings as a weed high, yet does not contain any cannabis. Manufacturers of this product use the fact that it is completely legal in every state as their sales pitch. Few die hard Mary Jane fans will even entertain the idea of smoking “makeshift weed,” and prefer to stick to the original. Still there are some that claim a rasta weed high lasts for about 2 hours and has the same effects as high potency cannabis. It contains no nicotine and is said to be fairly intense, sometimes with hallucinations. Some also prefer rasta weed to the original because when it comes to preforming in corporate America, it cannot be detected in a drug screening test.

It seems as though rasta weed may have its positives, but is it really worth cheating on M.J.? You be the judge.

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