Stoner Dictionary | Wrap

Wrap: noun 1. cigar paper used to roll up marijuana into a “blunt”

Example: “This wrap makes my herb taste like grapes.”

Wraps have recently exploded onto the marijuana mainstream. The practice of “gutting” a cigar of its tobacco and replacing it with killer chronic has been made much more practical with the introduction of flavored wraps. These wraps are made by a variety of companies and come in more flavors than a candy shop. Usually made from tobacco pulp, wraps make it easy for the novice doper to roll up wads of competition green. Speaking of competition, the days of the old fashioned joint may be numbered as we see this blunt trend continue. Previous generations have been more conservative with their stash, rolling up thin sized cigarettes or pinners. But cultural evolution dictates change and in this case, the change is big.

Cigars full of herbal currency signify the prosperity of the movement to legalize weed.

The quick cigarette has forever been a symbol of impoverished addiction, while the cigar has always held a more distinguished position in the social mindset. The smoking of a cigar shows temperance, and demonstrates a sense of unrushed pleasure. It reveals refinement and abundance, and it says to the world “I smoke, I enjoy it, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.”


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