Stoner Dictionary | Volcano

Volcano: noun 1. a modern type of electric vaporizer used for consuming marijuana

Origin: created by Storz & Bickel in 2000

Example: “I smoked one volcano bag and all my back pain disappeared.”

One of the modern marvels of the marijuana world, the volcano is truly a revolutionary style of smoking. Though the first time you see a volcano in action, it may be odd, considering the normal way to comsume marijuana is not through an inflated plastic bag, do not let its looks deceive you! Considered the cleanest and most efficient way to medicate, if you have the opportunity to try a volcano, I suggest you do so. In addition to being effiecient, pure, and easy to use, the vaporization process actually brings out the true flavor of your herbs. When marijuana is burned, the flavor of the herb is noticeable, however it is overpowered by the taste and aroma of the smoke itself. In the volcano, and most other vaporizers, the heating process is more similar to toasting than burning and while it will not be that strong, the leftover marijuana can actually be re-used. While the trichomes have been literally vaporized off the buds, there are traces of THC that remain in the buds, so don’t waste it, smoke it! It was given its name because of its obvious visual similarity to that of a volcano. In the original model, the temperature gauge was a manual turn dial from 1 to 10. Though these are still available and just as awesome, the most popular and currently used model has a digital interface. These are preferred because the temperature adjustment is much more precise.

The best temperature to vaporize your marijuana is about 350-360 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it is too hot, it may burn the marijuana and be a little harsher on your throat and less pure. At the base of the volcano, there is a little drawer-like spot where you place your (preferably ground) weed. You then shut it and activate your volcano. On top of the volcano, attach the cylindrical, black valve that is connected to a large plastic bag. These plastic bags come in different sizes depending on how much volcano you can handle. You push a button and the volcano fills the bag with glorious airtight vapors. Once the bag is completely full, there is a button on the side of the valve that releases the vapor into your mouth while pushed. The best quality about this airtight method, is that the vapors do not go stale, allowing one to easily pass the bag around and share with others. The volcano is the preferred method for those who strictly use marijuana for medical reasons, as it is not harsh on the throat or lungs and provides a very strong, pain-relieving body high. Though the volcano is not for the broke stoner, running from around $300 for a used one and upwards of $600 for a new one, it is a worthy investment if it is one you can afford, because you can’t put a price on health!

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