Stoner Dictionary | Vegged

Vegged: adjective 1. a term that describes being so high on marijuana that it puts you in a vegetative state

Example: “All I wanna do this weekend is smoke hella bowls and be vegged in front of the TV.”

Some cannabis strains, mainly indicia varieties, have the capacity to immobilize heavy hitters. This state of paralysis is sometimes referred to as “couch-lock” or “vegged.” Most individuals in a vegged state retain very little comprehension skills and may be unresponsive, besides the occasional giggle. A vegged stoner may still retain enough motor functions, however, to move his or her hand from the bowl of chips to their mouth, but don’t expect to get them to help you move for the third time this year, they will be completely useless. The only difference between a vegged stoner and a cucumber is the stoner laughs.

A room full of these chronic craving zombies could have you feeling chill’s up your spine.

Use snacks that have peanut butter to thwart any attack from the, slow moving, undead. “MuNcHiEs…..mUnChIeS…..”

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