Stoner Dictionary Weedies

Stoner Dictionary Weedies

Weedies: noun 1. consuming cannabis in the morning

Example: “Weedies is the breakfast of champions.”

Just because you had your weedies this morning and you’re wearing a shirt that says champion, that doesn’t make you a winner. Weed warriors looking to start the day off right Wake and Bake will be reaching for the weedies and the bong, in the early hours of the day. Unlike the popular cereal, endorsed by super star athletes, weedies offers early birds a chance to fly through those pesky morning aches.

With a fat bowl of this fiber infused, super food, stoners will be on top of their game, able to reach new heights in this world filled with ceilings.

Weedies break through the breakfast barrier, providing sunrise seekers with a more enlightening option. So put down the spoon and pack up a bowl of your favorite sativa if you want to put the brakes on breakfast.