Stoner Dictionary Twomp

Stoner Dictionary Twomp

Twomp: noun 1. twenty dollars worth of marijuana

Origins: Northern California

Example: “Hey I just picked up a twomp, you wanna smoke?”

In Northern California, twomp seems to be a more common term for $20 of weed and in Southern California, “dub” is more frequently used. We’re sure they have all their own unique terminology elsewhere worldwide.

If it’s a twomp or dub, most twenty sacks can vary based on vendor, quality, demand and availability.

Northern California not that long ago in fact, a twomp was usually an eighth of chronic. Things have definitely changed and a twomp will mostly likely be anywhere from 0.8-1.0 grams. Most modern dispensaries sell top shelf grams for $20. Either way, next time, you are getting a twenty sack, widen your weed vocab and ask for a twomp.

We would love for everyone to comment what a $20 sack is called where you are from. Comment with your area/city/country so all your fellow stoners can get into relations with those abroad. In many countries worldwide cannabis is forbidden and illegal. Through years of prohibition we have created our own language to describe the one truly forbidden plant.

Here in Southern California we have many different names for a $20 sack. There’s the dub sack, twinnie twin twin. Some call theirs the double bubble, the 2 g’s and dubski. In every click around the globe we all have our way of asking for a dub.