Stoner Dictionary Wasted

Stoner Dictionary Wasted

Wasted: adjective 1. overly intoxicated on a mix of drugs, usually marijuana and hard liquor

Ex: “Did you see how wasted I was last night? I’m feeling it today.”

What day allows one to get completely wasted on a very special day of the year, in a very special city, without ruining your reputation? We’re talking about Mardi Gras, a festival of endless partying that takes place on the most vomit soaked street in America, Bourbon Street. New Orleans is the original city of sin and host of this habitual Tuesday. Along with cell phones and wallets, inhibitions seem to disappear during this time of decadence. You’ll know your shitty when you find yourself hitting on a 57 year old transvestite with balls bigger than yours or suddenly realize that you’re sitting in a restaurant topless while your boyfriend is hitting on some old lady with bad makeup and a flashlight.

Intoxication knows no gender and both sexes seem equally dismayed by the, sometimes dreadful, consequences.

In some cases you may want to forget what happened, but if you’re lucky you won’t even remember. Just make sure to always have your homies back. Don’t let him make a wanker out of him/her self.

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