Wacky Weed

Stoner Dictionary | Wacky Weed

Wacky Weed: noun 1. frequently refers to wild, low grade cannabis sativa

Example: “This wacky weed looks like oregano.”

Cannabis is a plant referred to as a “weed” for its rate of growth and mortality. Wild marijuana can be found growing throughout the nation. From the sandy soil of the Chesapeake Bay to the forest floors of the Emerald Triangle, volunteer sativa can be found growing without help from a single human. These old strands are usually discovered by locals who may not identify the plants as cannabis.

These unsuspecting amateurs often report that smoking the naturally occurring weed made them feel “all wacky and stuff,” hence the term “wacky weed.”

This low grade form of chronic is also referred to as “ditch weed” because it was found growing in a ditch. Most wild A-bomb growing out there is left over hemp from the days cannabis covered the land. These crops were grown mainly for their super strong fiber, not super sticky colas and as such are not as potent as the medical strains you might find in dispensaries today. Still, free weed is good weed, so share that wacky with your best lackey, and remember to plant a seed. Be hempy and be happy.

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