Stoner Dictionary Vacuum Lungs

Stoner Dictionary Vacuum Lungs

Vacuum Lungs: noun 1. what stoners are forced to use on their clogged smoking apparatus when they don’t have a utensil available 2. what your best friend brings over every time you get a fresh sack of some kush

Example: “Damn vacuum lungs, save some for the rest of us!”

Every smokers circle has a set of these, bag draining, bowl clearing pieces of human anatomy.

These lungs can save the day or wreck it.

They can devour a six foot bong load of green candy. They can also be used to toke on the forgotten resin deep in the folds of your pipe. This term means exactly that, lungs like a suction and if you let your stash near this super sucking pair of organs you may regret it. So go out and take a large ass bong toke and show us who’s boss. Now we’ll see if you’re gonna be the one going around showing off your extreme organs.

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