Stoner Dictionary | Utensils

Utensils: noun 1. anything used to clean a bowl or bong; also known as a poker

Example: “My bowl is clogged, anyone got a utensil I can use?”

Every pot smoker that has a bowl or bong has used one of these. Car keys, nails, toothpicks, golf tees, bobby pins, sticks, straws, sucker sticks, and shoe laces can all be used as a utensil to clean out bowls and make air holes. Some savvy stoners have a utensil on hand at all times while other pot craving engineers create utensils out of objects around them. Usually objects close by. Because of most bowl designs and the resonating properties of pot, a utensil is a must. Cleaning out your bowl regularly will allow you to get nice clean hits of smoke without straining yourself to death.

No one likes a clogged up hitter. 

Today, many products are available for cleaning you favorite smoking tool. Some companies have even been so bold as to add a utensil to the middle of their ashtrays, or Kashtrays, to assist herbed up patrons in cleaning their bowl with ease.

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