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Sneak-a-Toke: noun 1. an apparatus used for smoking marijuana discreetly

Example: “I take ‘cigarette breaks’ at work with my sneak-a-toke.”

A bong just wouldn’t work out so well on a road trip and what about at the family reunion, may not be the best place to pull out the fatty and smoke one. In these instances a sneak-a-toke is the perfect tool!

A sneak-a-toke is a genius little invention that is basically a miniature pipe that allows you to smoke in a very discreet manner.

The bottom is made of rubber and the top of metal with a screw on lid and a hole in the middle. People love them because they are so easily accessible and easy to smoke from. The average sneak-a-toke will cost you about $5 and there a bunch of little cool designs to choose from. A sneak-a-toke can also be a term used to describe anything you can use to toke up with without being noticed, such as a very small regular pipe or a cigarette made to smoke buds from. The sneak-a-toke pipes available for sale today are smaller than a tube of chap stick and fit comfortably into the palm of your hand or in your pocket. The next time you find yourself in a tight situation, don’t worry, just pretend to sneeze, pull out your sneak-a-toke and inhale a few secret puffs.

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  1. Tyler says:

    The product you have shown is not the original sneak a toke, it is a chinese copy of our product that is 100 percent made in the USA.

    Please replace the picture with our product, or call this product something else, there is only one sneak a toke, and it is 100 percent made in the USA. Don’t support chinese theft of American intellectual property.

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