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Maui Waui: noun 1. a particular sativa strain of marijuana created in the 1960s; also known as Maui Wowie

Origin: Maui, Hawaii

Example: “That Maui Waui went straight to my head.”

Located in one of the dreamiest vacation getaways lies a cannabis plant unlike any other found anywhere else on the planet. This strain is called Maui Waui and is found in Maui, Hawaii. Maui Waui can be found in some medical marijuana dispensaries but it’s said that the true dank super potent THC buds can only be found in Hawaii. It’s known for its rich bright green coloring infused with orange and red THC hairs.

Just to feel these wonderful buds will leave your fingers sticky from its high content.

Having such fine qualities it’s obvious that it’s going to cost you a lot more than the average strain. Also, used as street slang for any really good quality stuff. Still, smokers agree that the only way to score some authentic Maui Waui is in its birthplace and home of Hawaii while listening to a ukulele serenade you and dancing in a grass hula skirt. 

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