Stoner Dictionary Regs

Stoner Dictionary Regs

Regs: noun 1. mediocre grade marijuana

Example: “Hey, you should come over and I’ll roll one, I got some regs but it’s not bad.”

Not too far up on the totem pole, you have just plain ol’ regular weed. This quality of weed is known for giving you a very medium even toned high, no spaceships this time. Smokers often use the term for low quality weed and it is sometimes called reggie.

That’s when you and your friends would get together and proceed to get semi-stoned.

Regs are cool to smoke because whenever you get the good stuff, you can compare highs. They are known as the mid-grade trees and it’s appropriate to say that in the report card of potent highs, regs get a C+. 

The last time our team was in New York City everyone around us knew we didn’t have the reggie. The smell alone makes one stand out from the crowd.

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