Stoner Dictionary | Spliff

Spliff: noun 1. a cigarette containing both marijuana (flower or concentrate) and tobacco

Origin: Europe

Example: “All we smoked in Spain were spliffs rolled with tobacco and Moroccan hash.”

Rolling a spliff is a little different than your average joint. Spliffs are known to contain tobacco in them as well as Mary Jane and are often rolled in a cone shape. In Europe, what we know as a traditional joint is called a “pure.” If you roll a pure joint, you might hear someone say, “hey man, are you smoking a pure? You’re nuts, we only smoke spliffs!” There are several brands of loose tobacco that can be used but also the tobacco inside cigarettes can be pinched out and used as well. If you are rolling a spliff with cannabis buds, it is best to coarsely grind your greens and mix them with the tobacco for a smooth and even smoke with each hit. If you want to make your spliff with hash instead of greens, roll your hash into a skinny worm, like play dough, almost the length of your paper. Then fill your paper with your tobacco of choice, lay your little hash worm on top, roll it up, and spark it. The hash spliff is good when sharing with a larger smoking circle as it tends to burn a little slower and is more potent per draw. Cigarette filters are actually sold sans cigarette at many smoke shops in large quantities and many like to use these as crutches for their spliffs. The upside is that it filters many of the harsh carcinogens in the tobacco smoke, but on the downside, it filters out some of that tasty THC resin that we want as much of as we can get. For a more discreet spliff, pinch the tobacco out of just the tip of a cigarette and crumble some greens in there. This method is perfect for public places where you just want to sneak a quick toke. The cigarette will continue to burn and the smell of the tobacco will often cover the smell of your herbs. 

People enjoy the spliff because of the extra buzz the tobacco provides.

The spliff actually originated in Europe where it gained its popularity and today spliffs are rolled around the world. Although they have become very popular they are not the healthiest choice to smoke because of obvious reasons. The tobacco found in a spliff is usually the same that can be found in cigarettes and we’ve all heard the heat about that. So if you’re a health conscious smoker be sure to know what’s in your joint or blunt before smoking it. For those of you who are already caught in tobacco’s web, a spliff is a nice way to get the best of both worlds. Not only does it give you your nicotine fix, but it also gives you a nice calming cannabis high. It also conserves your weed as you are using half the amount you would be using if you were rolling a pure joint. If low on weed some people may roll a spliff for that extra little boost in the high. If you have never rolled a spliff and are a lover of both tobacco and weed, a spliff could be your next best friend.

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