Poor Man

Stoner Dictionary | Poor Man

Poor Man: noun 1. a homemade marijuana pipe crafted from an aluminum can

Example: “The first time I smoked weed when I was 12 was from a poor man.”

You may not have a fancy shmancy bong, and you may not have a distinguished pipe either, but you can still hold your head high if you’ve got a 25 cent soda can. The poor man is slang for the act of taking a 25 cent soda can and using it as a pipe to smoke your weed.

As for the first person to come up with this method, a name is unknown, but he was most likely a poor man and we should give credit where credit is due.

Thanks. The aluminum can probably isn’t the best thing to enjoy a smoke with, but hey if it works, it works. Don’t let the name scare you though, even if you’ve got bank falling out of your ears you might have a thing for the poor man and want to try it. Still though, it’s probably best to steer clear from any aluminum smoking devices, it is not the most health conscious smoking decision.