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Strikeout: noun 1. the act of inhaling a copious hit from a water pipe, pounding a beer, taking a shot, then exhaling the smoke afterwards

Origins: The 2006 Broken Lizard comedy Beerfest 

Example: “I tried the strikeout for the first time at my party last night and woke up under the banana tree in my backyard.”

The infamous strikeout. If you are ever feeling adventurous at a house party, then maybe the strikeout is just the swift kick in the ass you need. Recommended for you party professionals out there, this activity can either take you to the top or drop you to the floor. First, you take a fat bong load and inhale it deep into your lungs. You might have to fight the urge to cough or exhale because if you blow it out, you have to start over. With your lungs full of tasty herb, you then pound your beer. A half of a can of beer is the safest way to go, but for you wild animals out there, feel free to go full beer. Honestly, there really are no rules to the strikeout so drink as much or as little as you can handle. Then, the cherry on top, you take a shot of your hard liquor of choice. Tequila, whiskey, vodka, scotch, cognac, whichever poison you choose, get ready to get blasted. Finally, you let the smoke slowly spill out of your lungs and hopefully your dinner does not spill out with it too.

If you can conquer the strikeout, give yourself a firm pat on the back, for you have leveled up to a party master.

This party trick can also be played as a group game. Similar to the flip cup formation, line up your teams in even numbers on each side of a rectangular table. Ping pong tables always work the best for obvious reasons. In this version of the strikeout, a party bowl must be packed versus snappers. Make sure each person has their beer and shot in front of them, poised and ready to pound. Each side of the table, or team, will have one bong that will be passed down the table. Pipes and other smoking apparatuses can be substituted, but for intensity purposes, bongs are preferred. The race begins with a cheers between opponents. After the first person completes the strikeout, the bong is passed to the next team member and he or she will repeat the strikeout. Each bong toke should be about a two to three second hit. Whichever side finishes first will thus be the reigning champions and gloating is always encouraged in these scenarios. Be careful though, this is a game that is not for the faint of heart. While games like flip cup can be played repeatedly as you are drinking smaller amounts of only beer, rematches should be spread out because combining various alcohols and marijuana is always a risk as it can cause dizziness, or “the spins,” for those who are unprepared for the task.

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