Stoner Dictionary | Stoner

Stoner: noun 1. an individual who regularly consumes marijuana

Example: “I am proud of my status as a stoner in the world of weed.”

A committed smoker of weed is often called a stoner because that is exactly who they are. It can even be used as a term of endearment when someone does something characteristic of a stoner, like lose their train of thought or forget where they put their keys. If the majority of your hours are spent being high out of your mind, you are a stoner. To most stoners, it is not a label, but simply a way of life, offering their complete devotion to being as high as possible, as much as possible, which they usually are. No amount of weed is too much for a stoner and the time that it takes one to finish a pound is often considered impossible. The only downside to being a stoner is that if you are not growing your own goods then you are probably spending a lot of money on Mary Jane. If after evaluating your expenses you discover Mary Jane is sucking you dry, it may be time for you to step it up in the stoner world and make a real investment. Growing marijuana for personal use can be very rewarding and even a fun hobby for the avid smoker. The cost of an ounce is about $200-$300 depending on the quality and for a stoner this might not even last them through the week. You do the math. Growing indoors or outdoors can save you money and provide you with the satisfaction of smoking your creation, which is something that cannot be purchased. Growing with the intention to vend is a horse of a different color that requires a lot more investment capital and knowledge not just of horticulture but of the industry as well. However, if you are just sick of paying for it and want to grow to smoke for free, then it is worth a shot.

Stoners come in all shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, IQs, classes, lifestyles, cultures, ages, and generations.

A stoner is not afraid to use this term or be called this term. The perspective of the stoner lifestyle is shifting. Because of misleading anti-drug campaigns like D.A.R.E. and Above the Influence PSAs, the stoner was only seen as a couch potato loser who will amount to nothing in life or worse, use marijuana as a “gateway” to other harder, deleterious drugs. Through the medical marijuana laws of states like California, Colorado and Washington, cannabis is emerging from the shadows and being seen in a different light. Stoners are no longer ashamed of their lifestyle and it is now even somewhat sensationalized by the media through music and cinema. Regardless of how the stoner life is perceived, what matters is that the stoner life is alive and full of peace and happiness. That is more than those addicted to the miasma of legal pharmaceuticals can say. So if you’re a self-proclaimed stoner, prove it. Stoners don’t talk, they smoke.

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