Stoner Dictionary | Mids

Mids: noun 1. medium grade marijuana

Example: “The dispensary had a good selection of mids.”

So many choices and so much time to try them all! Cannabis comes in a variety of potency and quality, all depending on where you live and what’s available to you. Mids in the marijuana world is another name for mid-grade marijuana. There are really three main groups of Mary Jane: high grade (dank), mids (reggie), and low grade (shwag). A mid-grade high can be defined as giving you a pretty in between high.

You get stoned just not taken to another galaxy.

You can think of it as the grey area between the highest quality nuggets and the lowest quality shwag. When smoking mid, you can still reach a good high level you would just need to consume more of it. There are certain smokers that prefer mids to highs, this is because they have a greater appreciation for the more calm completely in control high. You should always feel like you’re getting a good deal when buying mids, they’re never going to break your bank and should be potent enough to satisfy your craving to get high.

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