Stoner Dictionary | Stoned

Stoned: adjective 1. a term used to describe being very, very, very intoxicated on marijuana

Example: “Sorry I didn’t make it to your party, I was so stoned I could barely move.”

“You know I work so hard, all day long, everything I try to do, seem to always turn out wrong. That’s why I wanna stop by on my way home and say, let’s go get stoned. Now let me tell ya one more thing, ain’t no harm to have a little taste,” lyrics from Ray Charles’ Let’s Go Get Stoned. Being stoned is like the highest (and sometimes lowest) you can be before passing out. Some stoned individuals may experience audio and visual hallucinations, heightened senses, extreme munchies, exhaustion, being dazed and/or confused, deep concentration, zoning out and having uncontrollable giggle fits until one’s cheeks and stomach are sore. It is officially considered the state of mind of a person who is as high as they want to be, or on rare occasions, do not want to be. The reaction of the stoned state differs from person to person and depends on how much and what type of weed they have smoked.

Some people experience a feeling of extreme paranoia and feel exposed. Those who feel “uncomfortably stoned” often recede into a chair or couch somewhere and do not want to socialize or leave their comfort zone. The people who experience these side effects should probably not smoke marijuana because even though millions of people enjoy it, it is not for everyone. The people who react this way could also simply be novice smokers and just need to raise their tolerance by smoking more frequently. One could also simply adjust and allow the effects of marijuana to take hold. Often times, those who feel uncomfortably high, feel this way because they are fighting the effects of being high instead of embracing it. Once you realize that it is just marijuana and it does not last forever nor can you overdose on it, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

The majority of smokers feel extremely comfortable and outgoing, often being able to smoke in social situations like at parties or with friends.

Some are even able to smoke weed and go out dancing or clubbing. Then, there are those that just feel an intense relaxation or pain relief. These are typically the stoners who smoke medicinally. They are not necessarily smoking for the head change, but rather for solace from health ailments. These types of stoners often prefer smoking in low-key environments so they can comfortably enjoy their days and evenings pain-free. Whatever the outcome of getting stoned is, it’s always an experience unlike any other. Although short-term memory loss does play a role in getting stoned, you can usually remember everything that happened (unlike alcohol black-outs) and it is sort of like being transported to another dimension right here on earth. Like going on a “trip,” so to speak. If you are ready to get stoned, then you are ready to have fun and there’s no time like the present.

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