Magic Wand

Stoner Dictionary | Magic Wand

Magic Wand: noun 1. an abnormally long marijuana cigarette

Example: “We smoked a Magic Wand that was longer than my arm!”

There are very few people that could come up with a better name than the magic wand for a long marijuana joint. The definition of a magic wand is a joint at least 40cm in length. Imagine that you’ve already smoked a joint before going to a party, once you arrived you found yourself in a circle where they’re passing around this beauty.

It’s the longest marijuana joint that you’ve ever seen.

The red hue you see glowing and the ashes falling to the ground sure do resemble the essence of a magic wand. When taking some quality hits it should result in some pretty magical effects. A perfect joint to enjoy with your friends in social settings, or by yourself if you’re up for it, the magic wand is a guaranteed way to make you disappear into the clouds.

Next time you’re in Amsterdam, we suggest rolling one of these and finding a spot to watch the traffic go by. This rolls will have you floating around the city in no time.

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