Stoner Dictionary | Strains

Strain: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis that offers different flavors, smells and effects

Example: “Lavender Kush is my favorite strain of weed.”

A strain of weed is a particular type of weed that will produce a particular type of high every time you smoke it. Strains are classified as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Because there are so many different strains it gives the grass smoker an abundance of candy to choose from. A few examples of sativa strains include: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel and Silver Haze. The effects of these are similar but in no way identical. Indica strains, like kush, have many sub-strains with the name kush in it, for example: Bubba Kush and Purple Kush. When sativa and indica strains are mixed, the surprising difference in high from the two parents is often enough to name it a completely different strain and this is where hybrids come from.

The list of strains goes on and on, and a new one is being created all the time. This is a major part of why shopping for marijuana can feel so invigorating and exciting. 

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