Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now

Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now | Stoner Guide

Some stoners really love the knockout punch that certain strains of cannabis give them. There’s just something so great about being stoned and really knowing it. But are you having trouble finding that perfectly strong strain? The one that you’ll really love? Well look no further. This list will give you five of the strongest strains in the US, with THC as high as 32.13%!

4.  Platinum OG from Herbal Solutions -Ypsilanti Michigan Cup – 27.1% THC
Already known for being a strong strain, this particular batch is getting close to 30% THC! It’s an indica dominant for those who aren’t familiar and it allegedly comes from three strains; Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third, unknown strain. Platinum OG will give you a brief, head high onset that will eventually become a powerful physical high that is perfect for sleeping, pain, and stress and anxiety.

3.  Chiquita Banana from Utopia Farms – World Cannabis Cup 2015 – 27.16% THC
A somewhat new strain to most, Chiquita Banana is a West Coast cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. These two combined create an indica dominant hybrid that actually tastes and smells like, (you guessed it) bananas. It’s not as heavy as our previously mentioned Platinum but instead, the effects are balanced out by the mellow sativa buzz from the Haze. This strain is perfect for heavy stress and depression. It also stimulates creativity and can help those who suffer from social anxiety.

2.  Emperor Cookie Dough – Greenwolf LA Denver Cup – 31.1% THC
This incredibly strong strain is a cross between Emperor OG and Girl Scout Cookies, one of the most popular strains ever to surface in the cannabis social media scene. It is one of only two strains ever that has crossed the 30% THC threshold and comes from Greenwolf LA. Emperor Cookie Dough is great for those who need an appetite stimulant and those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

1.  Chem Dog – Next Harvest Denver Cup – 32.13% THC
Now the highest THC content bud ever tested at the High Times Cannabis Cup, this Chem Dog is the most potent bud… Ever. Chem Dog is the original source for strains such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It has a pungent aroma so if you want to get a hold of this strain, be sure that you can contain it. A smooth smoke accompanied by a very mind blowing high, this is a strain that is recommended to all those who smoke!

Four Of the Strongest Strains Right Now | Stoner Guide



Stoner Dictionary | Strains

Strain: noun 1. a particular type of cannabis that offers different flavors, smells and effects

Example: “Lavender Kush is my favorite strain of weed.”

A strain of weed is a particular type of weed that will produce a particular type of high every time you smoke it. Strains are classified as sativa, indica, or hybrid. Because there are so many different strains it gives the grass smoker an abundance of candy to choose from. A few examples of sativa strains include: Blue Dream, Sour Diesel and Silver Haze. The effects of these are similar but in no way identical. Indica strains, like kush, have many sub-strains with the name kush in it, for example: Bubba Kush and Purple Kush. When sativa and indica strains are mixed, the surprising difference in high from the two parents is often enough to name it a completely different strain and this is where hybrids come from.

The list of strains goes on and on, and a new one is being created all the time. This is a major part of why shopping for marijuana can feel so invigorating and exciting. 

The 7 Best Strains to Celebrate the Galactic Star Wars Holiday

The 7 Best Strains to Celebrate the Galactic Star Wars Holiday


Officially dubbed Star Wars Day in 2007, May 4th (or “May the Fourth,” as in “May the Fourth [Force] be with you”) has become a day of celebration for sci-fi and film nerds alike. With the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII’s cast, we’re especially excited to bring you this year’s strains to help celebrate the galactic holiday. Without further adieu, we bring you the strains that will transport you to a galaxy far, far away…

1. Ewok

While this hybrid doesn’t hail from the forest moon of Endor, its creative, cerebrally-focused effects would have helped its furry namesakes defeat the Galactic Empire. Whether you need to destroy a shield generator or just gear up for day-long Star Wars marathon, this strain has you covered.

2. Darth Vader OG

This indica will convert you to the dark side through sheer force of will. Like the black-cloaked Sith himself, this strain will figuratively force-choke by way of its tingly, sleep-inducing effects. Not for the faint of heart, you’ll truly show how high your midichlorian count is if you manage to stay awake through all six episodes while consuming Darth Vader OG.

3. Deathstar OG

It doesn’t take a full 24 standard hours, but this indica does have a slow onset that gives way to euphoric relaxation, much the same as felt by Tarkin following the destruction of Alderaan. Great for day or nighttime use, this strain will help prepare you to maintain a massive superlaser or just a relaxing evening at home with your fellow stormtroopers.

4. Master Jedi

This strain will help you cultivate patience, logic, attentive listening, and tolerance – skills paramount to the Jedi way – through its relaxed, uplifting effects. Whether you’re at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant or keeping the peace in the outer rim, this is most definitely the indica you’re looking for.

5. Skywalker

It’s unlikely this strain will motivate you for a hard day of work on moisture farms of Tatooine, but it will definitely help you to unwind after. Its decadent blueberry flavor will provide a tasty treat, while its euphoric, relaxing effects will put you right to sleep.

6. Skywalker OG

After all they’ve done to preserve the Jedi Order, we couldn’t help but give the Skywalker family two slots on our list. The Force is strong with this indica-dominant hybrid, helping its consumers to pick up on the euphoric and relaxing energy that resides in all living things. Be careful though: too much and you’ll relax yourself right into a long slumber.

7. Master Yoda

With lab-tested THC levels that reach over 20%, strong medicine Master Yoda is. A 1st place winner at High Times Cannabis Cup, it seems likely this strain is the Grand Master of the hybrid order. It will get your creative juices flowing, helping you reach euphoria that will allow you to see clearly – perhaps clearly enough to sense Senator Palpatine’s true identity. But even if you can’t circumvent the Clone Wars, you’re still guaranteed a great time with this hybrid.

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The 7 Best Strains to Celebrate the Galactic Star Wars Holiday

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?

Knowing your strains these days is extremely difficult. There are so many different kinds of bud out there, it’s hard to believe that anyone could pinpoint what a bud is just from a photo of it. Even the most experience grower should be weary of viewing different kinds of cannabis. Since every grow has varied conditions, every strain can come out looking completely different. A lot of times, stoners will also include the breeder’s name when they say the strain, since every grower has a different idea of what certain strains should look like.


Climate greatly effects the look of the bud when it’s cured and ready to be smoked. Colder climates bring out the purple genetics in the purp strains, while the warmer air will make the strains more green. This could result in a not-so-purple Granddaddy Purp, causing some frustration among those who believe they can tell a strain just from a photo. There re some growers that like to grow in the warmer climates, leaving their bud less purple and more of a dank green. The grow process greatly determines the outcome of the bud.


Since the grow process is so important, it can effect cannabis all over the country. An east coast strain of blue dream may be completely different then the strain developed on the west coast. A perfect example of a situation like this is the east coast’s NYC Sour Diesel pitched against the Sour Diesel. Stoners disagree greatly on the origin of these two strains, with some saying that they’re two completely different plants and others saying it’s the same strain with a different name. While the two strains are most likely different, with one being a higher sativa hybrid or indica hybrid, it again all depends on how they are grown, with the end result being at the hand of the grower.


Seeing strains in photographs doesn’t mean that someone automatically knows what it is. The only people who know what the strains are include the person who grew it, the person that the grower gave it to and possibly the person after that. Keeping correct strain names is like the game Telephone. By the time the message is heard by the fourth or fifth person, it’s been changed. These days, there are so many strains out there that for people that aren’t high up in the supply chain, strain names aren’t that useful.

Stoner Guide; Same Strain, Different Colors?