Stoner Dictionary | Skunk

Skunk: noun 1. a slang term for certain types of extremely potent marijuana that emit the aroma of skunk

Example: “I knew you were smoking that skunk, I could smell it down the street!”

Skunk is exactly the type of weed you want to get into when trying to get really messed up. Made from a cross between pure sativa and pure indica, it’s considered to be extremely strong.

Skunk weed has a very loud smell (hence the name) and can leave you blown for hours.

Skunk is known for leaving its victims passed out and stuck in a state of pure bliss, its sounds great because that’s exactly what it is. Skunk weed is mostly grown hydroponically indoors and maintains its strong smell even when not being smoked. Since skunk is made from the purest sativa and indica it has a perfect balance of effects from both sides of the cannabis family. The thick unmistakable smell of skunk weed is loved and appreciated by marijuana lovers because it’s a beautiful reminder of the uniquely awesome power of the skunk.

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