Stoner Dictionary | Perma-Grin

Perma-Grin: noun 1. an abbreviation for a permanent grin

Example: “Teresa took one rip of that hash and had a perma-grin all night.”

An easy way to tell if someone is completely stoned is the ever joyous perma-grin. Most would agree that if you have some bomb weed and the means to smoke it, your following expression is going to be a perma-grin for the next three hours. This is the feeling of your face in bliss. That feeling as if your cheeks are going to be sore for a week.

Naturally a smile relaxes the face muscles and promotes the flow of endorphins.

This helps to amplify your high. Your face is feeling incredibly good and you can’t turn it off, a quite enjoyable experience. A perma-grin is not something that happens every time you smoke and if you’ve never had one, don’t feel left out, it could happen to you too. You may just want to try smiling, an unusual part about the perma-grin is that it’s not induced by laughing at something or thinking funny thoughts. Smiling when you’re really stoned is usually an expression that happens for no explainable reason. You might say you’re smiling just to smile!

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