Stoner Dictionary | Phillie

Phillie: noun 1. a type of marijuana cigar

Example: “I tried an old school phillie for the first time last night.”

A philli is a common type of blunt that originally comes from the Phillies brand of cigars. It’s an American made cigar originally from Philadelphia.

The actual brand name of these blunts comes from the smoking world having nicknamed the original brand called “Philadelphia Hand Made.”

Today a phillie is used mainly to roll marijuana and comes in a variety of flavors and sizes that can be found at most convenient stores and smoke shops. One quality that causes some people to stray away from blunts in general is that they contain harmful chemicals. When you smoke one, you aren’t just smoking Mary Jane, but also the chemicals that were used in the making and flavoring of the phillie which ultimately affect the high that you receive from them. There is a major market of people that love the flavors and feeling that comes from blunts. So if you’re ready to roll up and you like blunts, a phillie will do just fine.

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