Stoner Dictionary | Pinner

Pinner: noun 1. an extremely thin marijuana cigarette

Example: “I rolled the last of my weed into a pinner.”

If you’re low on weed, but still find it in your ability to roll that last little bit of your supply, you have what is called a pinner. What this means is that you’ve rolled yourself a skinny fella.

Its like a desperation joint, it most likely won’t get you stoned but you just have to feel something.

These are usually the last joints smoked before there is no marijuana left. Some even refer to the lowest grade of tree, pinner weed. It’s really just an all-around symbol of an unwanted situation. Although, some is better than none so enjoy it while it lasts, our prayers will be with you. What it all comes down to though is that if your have enough for a toothpick, then you’re in good hands. 

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