Pipe – Stoner Dictionary

Pipe: noun 1. a smoking apparatus usually made from wood, glass, metal, stone, or corncob with a fillable chamber and a mouthpiece

Example: “I got a free pipe at the dispensary for being a first time patient.”

Since the beginning of smoking, there has been one smoking instrument that has stood the tides of change and innovation. That instrument, dear friends, is the pipe. Today there are thousands of different styles and types of pipes but what they all have in common is a chamber or the bowl for lighting the weed and a mouthpiece or bit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the size and style of the pipe, which is one of the reasons they are still around today. Pipes are perfect for the on-the-go smoke and can be easily taken anywhere.

The smoke from a pipe is known to be harsher than a bong or hookah but is not a concern for seasoned smokers.

A pipe will surely provide a quality smoke every time if cleaned properly. They can get clogged overtime and may require a bit of maintenance. Our forefathers would not have steered us wrong and if pipes were good enough for the cavemen, they’ll work just fine for us too.

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