Stoner Dictionary | Smoke

Smoke: noun/verb 1. the gaseous carbon byproduct of marijuana combustion 2. the act of consuming marijuana

Example: 1. “I milked it until the chamber was white with smoke.” 2. “I can’t wait to smoke a bowl after work.”

The magical word given to the mythical gas like structure born from the meeting of fire and cannabis is known as the one and only smoke. Part of its magical capabilities is that it can be used to describe the process of inhaling and enjoying smoke. It can also be used in conversation like this, “you got a smoke on you?” In this instance it replaces the word weed altogether. So as you can see, smoke is a very dynamic term. Smoke itself contains liquid, gas, and solid parts.

This unique substance is a vehicle for whatever fire burns.

In the case of cannabis, smoke contains activated THC and when inhaled into the lungs is absorbed and carried into the bloodstream. Being that marijuana is provided by the earth as medicine to smoke… smoke one, it’s good for you!