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Stoner Dictionary | Party Bowl

Party Bowl: noun 1. an unusually deep bowl in either a pipe or a bong that is filled to the brim with marijuana and shared

Example: “Don’t worry, I packed a party bowl, there’s plenty to go around.”

One of the best parts of weed culture is how it brings people together. A party bowl is a perfect way to celebrate friendship and comradery. To those that are familiar with surf lingo, a party wave is when more than one person share a wave together, surfing side by side. Most popularly executed by the long-boarders of the 1960s, this bowl can be described in the same way.

An abnormally large bowl packed with an abnormally large amount of herb meant to be passed and enjoyed by all your buds.

So next time you’re at a party and you have some herb to spare, don’t forget to share! Pay it forward and pack a bowl.

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