Stoner Dictionary | Shake

Shake: noun 1. ground marijuana buds 2. the leaves, buds, and trichome remnants at the bottom of a bag or jar of marijuana

Example: “I bought an ounce of shake at the clinic for $20 and used it to make cannabutter.”

When you break up cannabis buds and then grind them up you’ve got some of it. It is what you call marijuana that has been ground up for better use in a joint or pipe. Some people use shake to describe the leftover pieces of weed from a once full bag, not to be confused with kief.

There are those who choose never to buy it because they feel it might be a rip off and prefer to grind their own buds.

 If you like to use shake to roll your joints and do a fairly good job, it can have the advantages of burning evenly, slowly, and consistently. Shake is convenient for some and some hate it when not done by themselves, but still most agree that when it comes to joints, shake is your best bud. Any true stoner would take a bag. With a couple papers you’ll be all set.

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