Stoner Dictionary | Ounce 

Ounce: noun 1. 28 grams of marijuana

Example: “I brought an O to smoke and give away at Burning Man.”

So you probably heard a rapper say something about an Oz., or an ounce of kush and you were like, “what’s that?” Well it’s not a new type of weed, it’s a unit of measurement. If you forgot, it’s okay, we’ve all been out of school for a while hopefully. An ounce is just another way of saying about 28 grams of weed. An ounce would typically fill up a normal size mason jar and give one person enough weed to last at least a month. 

The cost of an ounce of weed varies depending on what type and can range between the prices of $90 to $300.

When shopping for an O, make sure that you compare your prices, there are many medical marijuana dispensaries that will give you deals for buying large amounts and an ounce is well worth the bucks. Anytime one has 28 grams of the sweet mary jane, a good joint sesh is in order. Just roll up all the shake in your bag into one big fatty and enjoy.

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