Stoner Dictionary | Session

Session: noun 1. a casual gathering of people smoking marijuana

Example: “I’m not going out tonight, we’re just gonna stay in and have a smoke session.”

Smokey rooms so thick that it’s hard to make eye contact with the person right next to you. There are empty food wrappers of all sorts scattered haphazardly across the floor and you and your friends are still passing around a bong and a joint. This is no doubt what you would call a session, sometimes abbreviated to a simple “sesh.” So get a mass text going out and rally one up for yourself.

A session is when you get a bunch of your friends together for the sole purpose of getting faded out of your natural born minds.

It’s really like a stoner’s exclusive party and every moment should be filled with inhaling the best buds. Depending on what budget you’re working with and how you and your crew can handle copious amounts of weed, during a session cannabis can be consumed by the pound. To be involved with a killer session feels like a heaven surrounded with smoke and bongs and something that should be enjoyed multiple times a month. 

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