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Nutes: noun 1. an abbreviation for nutrients used for growing cannabis

Examples: “I used the wrong nutes and they messed up my plants.”

When growing your marijuana plants a key ingredient to getting a great yield is a knowledgeable use of nutes. Your correct use of nutes, or nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, and magnesium will determine how fast and how well your plant grows. Your plants will need different amounts of each of these during certain grow periods. For example, during the vegetative growth period, more nitrogen is needed than other nutes. It’s important to note that too many nutrients can be harmful to your plant, and if needed you may need to flush your soil.

Making sure your plants are clear of excess nutrients in their system will ensure they don’t taste or burn bad.

About two weeks before harvest is a great time to stop adding nutes and begin flushing your plants system with clean water. If you plan to use nutrients be sure you know how and when to apply them, your plants life depends on it. Every living things needs nutrients to survive. Learn what it takes to delivery maximum potential to your next grow.

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