Stoner Dictionary | Screen

Screen: noun 1. a filter made from gauze, mesh, glass, metal, brass or other materials that allow only the smoke to pass through

Example: “The screen on my pipe was jet black with resin.”

Pipes usually use a kind of screen also because without one, burning bits from your tree could end up hitting your throat and that’s no fun. They are commonly used with water bongs as a way to guarantee that no weed falls into the water. When using a screen for your bong you should make sure that you keep it clean, it will eventually become dirty or burned. They are pretty inexpensive to buy and you can usually find them for around $3-$5 at smoke shops.

Bits of weed falling into your water bong or a burning throat from a pipe are things that could happen and a filter is more than likely just the nifty invention you need in your life. 

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