Stoner Dictionary | Nugs

Nugs: plural noun 1. a slang term for the dried and manicured smokable flowers, or buds, of the marijuana plant

Example: “I got some perfect OG Kush popcorn sized nugs to smoke at the Cypress Hill show.”

If you aren’t madly in love with the sight of marijuana then you have probably never seen nugs before. Nugs are just the prettiest little or big buds you ever did see. They do not contain seeds nor sticks nor leaves and contain a rich vibrant color. Sometimes light green or dark green, moss green or even purple! These nugs generally consist of the bud or the flower of the cannabis plant. The buds are dried and condensed into perfect bite size nugs. Some nugs are fluffy and soft while others are dense and hard. Usually, the denser the better as this means that there is more nug to smoke and share. If the strain is grown by an expert, your precious nugs of gold will be shimmering with beautiful, frosty THC resin glands, or crystals, called trichomes. Like many other things pertaining to marijuana, the more trichomes, the merrier. When you look at your glistening nugs under a light and a magnifying glass, you can see these resin glands appear as little clear, gooey mushrooms. These mushroom shaped glands are popping with tetrahydrocannabinol just waiting to send you to the moon.

The smell of a nug is usually just as heavenly as the smoke itself. Looks can be deceiving, but always follow your nose, it never lies when it comes to sniffing herb. A nug might be dense and heavy, but that does not mean it is top shelf quality. Adversely, a nug may not be perfectly manicured, but it could be a swan disguised as an ugly duckling. This is why it is always best to smell your weed, never base the quality of a nug by its looks. Even at medical marijuana dispensaries, which generally have well manicured marijuana, may have some deceiving looking nugs. Everyone has unique cannabinoid receptors and when you smell certain strains, the scents will activate these receptors. When you smell a strain that just gives you that inexplicable warm feeling inside, you know you found the bud for you.

Often the feeling of smelling a really good nug is so pungent it is like being slapped in the face.

The stronger the aroma, the better the nugs. A true nug is not going to just hop off the plant and into your bong, you have to manicure and nurture your buds. Many hours and many hands are spent manicuring, or trimming, your nugs perfectly for you to consume. The work of a trimmer is arduous, but those who truly love our lady Mary Jane have no problem donating their time and labor to her beauty. Of course you would need to see some dank before you go calling every manicured uncompressed nice piece of weed a nug. This type of weed is equivalent in personal value to gold and the perfect bud you would want to return with when shopping for Mary Jane. 

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