Puff the Dragon

Stoner Dictionary | Puff The Dragon

Puff the Dragon: verb 1. the act of smoking marijuana

Example: “We definitely gotta puff the dragon before the Peter, Paul and Mary show.”

One of the more playful and less literal sounding phrases to describe smoking weed is to puff the dragon. There seemed to be a bit of controversy around the original reason smokers began using this as a smoking definition. 

There was a famous song written in 1959 by two men named Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow called “Puff the Magic Dragon,”

which was made famous by Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963. People claimed that the song was filled with coded underlying symbolism to smoking marijuana. There was said to be reference of rolling papers, inhaling smoke, and that puff, was just in reference to puffing a joint. The writers came forth stating that none of the allegations were true and that in fact the song was meant to characterize the end of childhood innocence. Still ,pot smokers had already taken puff the dragon under their smoke cloaked wings and flew with it. Regardless of song lyrics or subliminal messages, puff the dragon remains a common smoking term and also known today as the highest flying dragon.

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