Stoner Dictionary | Laced

Laced: verb 1. mixing other substances into marijuana

Example: “That herb made me feel weird, I think it was laced with something.”

Weed can be smoked with other drugs or with hash on top. This action is what you would call smoking laced weed. Lacing your weed is up to the smoker but it ultimately means that you wouldn’t be smoking pure Mary Jane anymore. The purpose of lacing your weed is to achieve a greater and or different high than normally achieved with only weed. This of course could have different side effects depending on what the weed is laced with.

This is one reason why it’s important to know what you’re smoking when you’re with others.

By either seeing the weed rolled or prepared or by knowing who you are smoking with or where it came from, you can be aware of any laced weed or sniff it out. The safest way to smoke is always bring your own tree or have some just in case. Still, in most instances people feel they like it better if they know they are smoking laced weed beforehand. It’s just somethin’ ya need ta know!

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