The difference between a Real Smoker and a HALF ASS SMOKER

The difference between a Real Smoker and a HALF ASS SMOKER

All stoners are different but there are those smokers that half ass everything so here is a short list of the difference between the two. Enjoy!

REAL SMOKER: Will smoke when they wake up and during work and still kick ass for the day!

HALF ASS SMOKER: Won’t smoke till after work, go over to a friends house and waits till the bowl is almost cashed and gets that nasty ass after taste one would get for not calling green.

bong-rip-fail (2)

REAL SMOKER: Has a bud always handy. Going to the mall? Going on a camping trip? Fuck, even if you’re going to the 7-11 that’s right down the street.


HALF ASS SMOKER: Will show up with nothing, ask everyone if they have any, will smoke what ever is passed to them.


REAL SMOKER: Gets the fucking munchiez!


HALF ASS SMOKER: Is on a diet and watching their calories.


REAL SMOKER: Can be absolutely blitzed and still have the reflexes of a ninja!


HALF ASS SMOKER: Takes one hit and trips out for 2 hours.


REAL SMOKER: Are not afraid to be who they are!



HALF ASS SMOKER: Will try to hide the fact they smoke.


REAL SMOKER: Can ACE a test they only studied 1 hour prior to the exam.


HALF ASS SMOKER: Studies all week, decides to take a puff to relax, forgets everything they knew.


REAL SMOKER: Has their own dealer they’ve been going to for years, or grow their own.


HALF ASS SMOKER: Deals with shady ass dealers and usually gets robbed or shorted each sack.


There you have it how to tell if you are a smoker or just another half ass smoker. Send us your stories, photos, videos and anything you might want to be heard to our Stoney Submissions page.

Writer Credit: Ryan Mellow

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